How To Style: Like Father Like Son

Father’s Day is this weekend, so we caught up with CEO Zak Mascolo to see how he will be celebrating his father, and what it means to continue the legacy of the family business.

Continuing the Legacy

Passion is everything to the Mascolo family. Our company’s history was built on the passion of hairdressing, family and creativity. Our story began 65 years ago with an Italian father moving his family—including his five sons—to London. There, Toni and Guy started their career as successful hairdressers with the help of their father. Later on, Bruno Mascolo and Guy made their journey to America to find their own opportunities.

In 1985 Bruno and Guy launched TONI&GUY USA. As the years went by, Bruno and Guy worked their hardest to create a brand that reflected the best education in hairdressing. It was there were Zak Mascolo assisted his father in the business. He then went on to define his own path in the hairdressing industry. For Zak, continuing his father’s legacy was important as he grew into the Creative Director role, and then became the leader of TONI&GUY. As a father, he continues to work hard to be there for all the soccer games and choir performances for his son and daughters.

“Balancing between both can be difficult at times,” he says, “But being able to be a role model for Fabiana, Gaetano and Luna is the best part, just like my father was to me!”

The Gaetano Cut

We are celebrating Father’s Day with a one-of-a-kind cut technique by Zak Mascolo and his son Gaetano from the US United Collection. Gaetano wants to wear the coolest hairstyle on the soccer fields. You can find the video below with a step by step process on how to achieve the ultra-cool Gaetano Cut.

Father’s Day

Zak and his family will be chillin’ in Venice Beach, California this weekend, soaking up the summer sun. For more kids’ haircuts and style tutorials, look out for our back to school videos coming out in August on YouTube and Instagram TV.