‘Tis the season – To Celebrate Timeless Style

“Celebrate Timeless Style” with us this holiday season at an elaborate dinner party hosted by CEO Zak Mascolo. That’s the sentiment behind our 2019 Holiday campaign featuring prominent Dallas influencers set at a fabulous holiday dinner party inside The Joule’s Penthouse

During the year, the TONI&GUY Artistic Team creates multiple capsules to showcase their unique talents. For Holiday, each look was inspired by the existing style of each trendsetter, with an elevated TONI&GUY touch – through hair styling, bold makeup or unique accessories.

holiday campaign group

We chose these specific Dallasites due to their incredible stories of perseverance and determination. The campaign features WBNA athlete Isabelle Harrison, premiere Fashion Event Producer and couture model Jan Strimple, Beach Volleyball player and Equine Photographer Katie McCutcheon and Kyle Shiels, Founder and CEO of Uncommon Man, a custom Luxury Menswear clothier.

Before the shoot, Richard Rivas, Director of Marketing and Communications for TONI&GUY USA sat down with each powerhouse, to discuss their unique individual style, fashion and hair styling inspiration and, collaboration on the campaign.

jan strimple holiday
Meet Jan Strimple

RR: What are you passionate about in your career?

JS: Inspiring upcoming generations of creative producers and stylists, educating them on the value of striving for excellence, and helping them find their strengths in this oft-crazy business!

RR: What is your favorite article of clothing?

JS:  Non-conformist statement jewelry, especially when the artists hand work is evident in the piece.

RR: What advice would you give to your younger self?

JS: So far, I’m very content with my choices throughout life. However, I haven’t finished growing up.  My teen-self was a busy girl since she worked starting at age thirteen. I have no advice for her: she wouldn’t have listened anyway!

isabelle harrison
Introducing Isabelle Harrison

RR: What are you passionate about in your career?

IH:  I’m passionate about little girls seeing strong and successful women compete in a game they love. Representation of female athletes aren’t always available through mainstream media. So when young girls come to the game it’s my way of showing them what kind of future is available.

RR: What is your most memorable achievement?

IH: My most memorable achievement would have to be being drafted in the 1st round while having a torn ACL, PCL, and both meniscus. Also, outside of the basketball court, I finished my undergrad in 3 years and completed my masters in 2 years. Despite the travel, games, practices and training, education is a huge part of my parents household and nothing makes me happier than to know that I have a strong educational standing.

RR: What is a characteristic you value about yourself?

IH: A characteristic I value about myself is my vulnerability. Some people see it as a weakness or a defect. But showing my vulnerable side has allowed me to connect to people I never would’ve thought I would speak too. It’s allowed me to grow relationships with my teammates past the court and brought opportunities into my life that have given me continuous blessings.

Meet Katie McClutcheon

RR: What is a characteristic you value about yourself?

KM: Honesty … however, it can also be a character flaw, sometimes I’m honest when people aren’t prepared for it.

RR: Tell us about a conflict in your career & how you overcame it?

KM: I let my love for what I was doing be stronger than my worry .. I knew what my passion was but never thought I’d make a career out of it… but I kept doing it as my passion, and it turned into my career

kyle shiels
Lastly, get to know Kyle Shiels

RR: What are you passionate about in your career?

KS: I naturally really enjoy working with existing and new clientele and learning about what they do and build a beautiful wardrobe accordingly.  What I have learned in the past year is that I really enjoy the process of growing a business.  Building a brand that people can get behind and get excited about.

RR: Tell us about a conflict in your career & how you overcame it?

KS: Learning to balance work and personal life.  Owning a business is demanding, especially if you want it to grow.  But it is important to turn off work at some point in the day and focus on yourself or significant other.  I personally do my best to not focus on work after work and enjoy time with my wife.

We are honored to have worked with these individuals and look forward to following along with them for all of their future endeavors.  For more inspiration check out our Instagram @toniguyusa and our YouTube channel.