She’s Got the Look: Fashion from the ’80s Recap

This month the Galleria Dallas launched their latest exhibit She’s Got the Look: Fashion from the ’80s. This immersive exhibit features stunning vintage clothing from Thierry Mugler, Oscar de la Renta, Yves Saint Laurent, Bob Mackie, Emanuel Ungaro, Givency and Valentino, and also contains original costumes & accessories from shows like “Dynasty”, “Dallas”, “Hart to Hart” and “Charlie’s Angels”. Not only are you able to reminisce on all of the iconic fashion curated by Ken Weber of Vintage Martini, but thanks to our amazing studio team you can also wig out over a gallery of iconic ‘80s hairstyles and review our rich Dallas history and standout style that spans decades. 

Which iconic TONI&GUY hairstyles can you expect to see? Check out this breakdown by Creative Director, Austin Finley, for more info.

The Samurai 

“When we were asked to re-create some of the iconic TONI&GUY looks from the 80’s for the “She’s Got the Look” installation at the Dallas Galleria, we immediately knew that we would have to approach things a bit differently considering all of the challenges that arose to even install the looks themselves. The primary look that was the most challenging was that of the Samurai, and primarily because the initial look was done on a human, meaning not a wig, and the primary medium for control of the shape was gel, so the overall feeling of the hair was quite structured with a wet finish. Mayra and I discussed it and agreed that I would build a hat like structure that could easily be placed on the mannequin without any issues regarding our installation time, so that is what we did. I proceeded to build, on a loaner mannequin, two pieces that could easily set one on top of the other on a wig and on the head. I used floral wire and buckram to build the shapes and Mayra, Om, and I worked together in applying the hair. Mayra was the main detailer for the hair itself and utilized hairspray as the control agent, so ultimately the finished look was consistent in that the wig was lightly sprayed and finished along with the pre-built pieces, that way the total look made sense and was consistent in its overall look and feel.”

Pictured: Samurai on display at the Dallas Galleria Mall, March 2021


“When it came to dividing up the workload, Om took on the Silhouette look. Om ended up working with Cole Moore on this one, and the two of them successfully re-created the pieces. The main difference with the construction of this look was instead of using cardboard like what was done in the 80’s, they used another hat making material called Fosshape, which made it a bit easier for the hair to adhere to the underlying support structure. They also utilized hairspray as their controlling agent, so again with the wig and the pieces, the overall finish was consistent in every way.”

Pictured: Silhouette on display at the Dallas Galleria Mall, March 2021


“The last look was that of the Mystic, which honestly was the easiest of the 3 looks to re-create. Ultimately I utilized a short-mid length type wig and aggressively cut a strong textured shape. I ended up finishing the look with the Bed Head Stick, Head Rush, and Masterpiece Hairspray in order to give it a strong separated wet finish.”

Pictured: Mystic on display at the Dallas Galleria Mall, March 2021

See The Exhibit!

She’s Got the Look will be on display until April 3, 2021 and is free to the public, so head in and snap some photos. Don’t forget to tag @TONIGUYDFW in your photos for a chance to be featured in our stories! 

Shoutout to our creative team for bringing these iconic looks to life:
Creative Director, Austin Finley for TONI&GUY 
Studio Education Director, Om Graves for TONI&GUY 

Art Director & Makeup Artist, Chelsea Poteet for TONI&GUY 
Photographer & Videographer, Andy Lai for TONI&GUY 
National Education & Artistic Director, Mayra Rodriguez for TONI&GUY 
Galleria Dallas Salon Director, Cole Moore for TONI&GUY 
Director of Marketing & Communication,  Richard Rivas for TONI&GUY 
Technical Education Director, Shelby Boling for TONI&GUY