Diversity Finds Light In Latest Collection

US United is the latest collection released by TONI&GUY, including two additional features reflecting Avant-Garde and Editorial work. Within the common theme of an inclusive culture and diversity, the Editorial collection demonstrated this precisely through hair, setting and wardrobe. This week we sat down with Fashion Director, Yasmina Johnston and National Salon Education Director Mayra Rodriquez to discuss the editorial piece of the collection.

The editorial collection was produced by TONI&GUY Creative Director of Americas, Austin Finley and the Artistic team. The vision is a build on nomadic, tribal and oriental aesthetics with a focus on a ritualistic style.


One of the biggest characters in the editorial collection was the setting, which took the feel of an Asian influence meets contemporary art. The setting played a major role in the entire concept.


The wardrobe is an inspiration from elongated wrappings and draping fabrics with a minimalistic fashion-forward twist. According to Johnston, the oriental red stood out to her, based on the ceremonial meaning of power. The weight of sleeves was also a significant part of her wardrobe because it was a design element she used for each outfit. Many of the pieces were handmade, like as Elle pictured above. “The red draped jacket worn by Elle took a few days to make,” Johnston said, “but the final look was worth the time.”


Research was an essential part of the process for the editorial shoot. Linear direction of where the hair was placed, for example, length (beneath shoulder) and height (above the head) were used to create the hairstyles. Rodriguez said, “We analyzed and sketched the model’s facial structures and features to pull the strongest look from each model,” this helped determine the direction for the silhouettes used.

Overall, showcasing diversity through hair and fashion was the goal of the collection. Capturing culture that is deeply rooted in tradition through hair inspires us. Today’s clothing is still a necessity, but fashion is a desire, including hair. Considering the past and present, concepts of traditional fashion have stood the test of time and has never lost it’s significance.