Advanced Education: Creative Painting Concepts With Ethan Miller

“What you did this morning is already old news,” says Zak Mascolo which is why Advanced Education is one of the most important programs we offer at TONI&GUY. Hairdressers are responsible for staying current and educated on the newest trends. Without advanced skills, you are unable to stay on top of your clients evolving needs. As a hairdresser, it is vital to update your personal repertoire and portfolio to advance in your career. 

What is Advanced Education?

Our Advanced Education has been around since the beginning. Under the direction of Creative Director’s Austin Finley, Lindsay Baker, Stephen Jaime and Jared Jaime, our senior art team members and educators are responsible for creating and teaching new techniques. 

We offer a variety of advanced classes based on cutting, coloring and styling principals. Our classes are offered in Costa Mesa California and Dallas, Texas. The most popular cutting class is TONI&GUY Classics built on the foundation of our 11 cutting techniques. While Creative Painting Concepts is the most popular color course focused on balayage and trending coloring techniques, such as ombre balayage and hair painting. 

Creative Concepts Course with Ethan Miller

This past week we sat in a creative painting concepts course with Technical Education Director, Ethan Miller to observe how to create foilyage. Foilyage is the newest hair trend, that is an upgraded version of a balayage for darker hair using foils for an added lift in the color. 

The course is usually offered a few times during the year and lasts two days. The class began with the terminology, methodology and theory presentations. The first day covered the basic ombre techniques to refresh the hairdressers. The second day was used for advanced visual paint on techniques with a live demo.


The before image above shows the model has an icy light blonde look. After her live demo with Ethan, she was given an iridescent blonde for more of a golden color, shown in the picture below. 


Students are encouraged to be interactive in classes, giving examples and possible scenarios to make it personal and salon viable. Classes are hands-on for a salon life experience. 

For more information on courses we offer, visit our advanced page here