8 Solutions for Damaged Summer Hair

July is hot, sunny and the outdoors is the place to be for all the summer fun, but sometimes it’s not the nicest to your hair. We understand that too much sun can do some serious damage, but don’t panic we’ve got you covered! We gathered a couple of our favorite products we offer in our salons for all of your needs and repairs.


Humidity gets the best of us all. You can’t always avoid going outside, TIGI Bed Head  Straighten Out is perfect to use. It is 98 percent humidity resistant and perfect to use before styling. To apply, smooth into wet hair and style as usual. Bed Head Control Freak is also great for frizz control and is a little lighter than Straighten Out. Apply throughout wet hair and style as usual.

Hair Damage:  

Have you been hanging outside more than usual? The sun can get the best of our hair and cause split ends and breakage. TIGI Copyright Repair Shampoo & Conditioner is a great solution. Add the Copyright Booster to the conditioner for added benefit. 

Dry Hair: 

Pool days are the best, but if you stay in too long chlorine can cause your hair to dry out quickly. TIGI Copyright Clarifying Shampoo is best to use for cleansing chlorine from the hair each time it’s exposed to the chemical. Use TIGI Copyright Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner to add a lift to the hair. Alternating between adding Shine and Repair Boosters into the conditioner are great for an additional benefit.

Color Fading:  

Color fading caused by the sun is the worst! Consult a professional hairdresser about using a toner followed by TIGI Copyright Colour Shampoo and Conditioner with Repair Booster.

Unnatural Color Tint: 

Chlorine and sun can cause your hair to tint differently. If not careful, blue and green tints can change your hair color. The best way is to prevent this is to protect and cover the hair when you’re out in the sun. Apply a shampoo soluble product like TIGI Colour Lustre Oil to porous parts of the hair and wet the rest before entering the swimming pool. If discoloration does happen, use the TIGI Clarifying Shampoo and leave the foam on the hair for three minutes to allow the surfactants to remove any build up. 

Oily Scalp: 

Oil build up is normal in the summer due to sweat. Use TIGI Copyright Clarifying Shampoo daily to allow the surfactants to stay on your roots to remove the oil. Apply the appropriate TIGI Copyright Conditioner and Booster mid shaft and the ends that meet the needs of your hair. Keep the conditioner off the roots to eliminate excessive oil. 

Split Ends: 

Split ends are the death of us. For quick repair apply TIGI Copyright Split End Cream on the damaged areas while the hair is wet and style per usual. Reapply a small amount of product on the ends after the hair is dry, if needed. 

Pony Tails: 

Ponytails are great for the summer, allowing to get hair out of your face. Apply TIGI Bed Head Hard To Get, smooth out product around the hairline to create a slick back pony. Finish off with TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece Hairspray. You can use the can itself to smooth the shape as it dries.  

Don’t stress too much, by using these products this summer you can find that your hair will be back to normal in no time! Follow our Instagram page @TONIGUYUSA  for more tips & tricks on how you can repair summer hair!