411 On Fringe

Bangs—or fringe as it’s known across the pond—are a bold statement no matter the season. Already this summer fringe has made multiple appearances on the red carpet, as seen on Zendaya, Sophie Turnerand so on. Short, mid-length or long hair, bangs mix up any length or style.

 Feeling on the fence about them? The only way to know if you look good with fringe is to try. Stephen Jaime, Regional Creative Director for TONI&GUY, offered some tips and advice to help you decide if it’s a do or a dud. Take heed! 

  •  Do your research on the face-framing fringe:

    • Fringe is personal, and finding the perfect cut frame to fit your face shape is important.
    •  Do photo research to better understand what you do and do not want.  
    •  Round, square, asymmetric or side bangs—these are just a few of the options you have to choose from. 
  • Side fringe for beginners: 

  • Side fringe is great for the summer—brush them aside on hot days to avoid a sweaty forehead.
  • They’re easy to pin back 
  • From here, it’s easy to transition into full curtain fringe if desired.
  • Short fringe requires more maintenance:

  •  The longer the style, the fewer the trims. 
  • Dry shampoo is your friend:

  • The day after your first wash, apply dry shampoo to avoid oil build up. This allows for longevity between washes.
  • Visit TONI&GUY salon for the best cut:

  •  Whatever you do, do not cut your own fringe. Trust the experts. 
  • Trims are necessary to keep up with your fringe 
  • How to style your fringe:

  • Get creative with pins and accessories.
  • Try blow drying and even curling for volume. 
  • Forehead acne is a real problem:

  •  Yes, we understand that sweat and hair on your forehead is not a good mixture, so pinning your hair out of the way is essential. 
  • Avoid putting product or excess conditioner on your bangs; usually, conditioner and other products can cause bangs to become oily. 

If you ever get tired of your fringe, the best thing to do is to allow them to grow out. For more information on how to maintain fringe, ask your hairdresser for more advice. To book your next fringe cut, find the nearest TONI&GUY Salon to you on our website.